How to tackle sleep deprivation in children

Zeena Assam, Founder and Managing Director of Dubai-based Creative Nest Nursery, talks us through ways to tackle sleep deprivation in children.

Sleep is a hot topic for parents and teachers of young children. You need only sit and listen for a second in a coffee shop, or at a family gathering, or outside the school gates: mothers all around the world are sleep deprived. But it’s not just mothers that are suffering. For teachers dealing with sleep deprived children, they’re struggling to keep them happy during school hours and engaged in learning.

So what are the side effects of sleep deprived children?

Unsurprisingly, a lack of sleep can result in cranky and miserable children, meaning they’re more likely to display inappropriate behaviour both at home or school/nursery. What’s more, overtired children have a harder time falling asleep at night – thus only aggravating the problem more.

Sleep deprivation can also have a detrimental effect on a child’s health and wellbeing, and negatively impact their physical and emotional health. This, in turn, can drain on both their learning and cognitive development.

Unfortunately, there is no magic cure to ensure that children get the 11-12 hours of sleep that they truly need. But in a bid to help with the process, it’s best to avoid naps late in the day, and reduce food and drinks with high caffeine intake. It’s also worth avoiding high energy activities in the three hours leading up to bedtime; instead, create a bedtime routine that includes a warm bath, story time or other quiet activity. In a bid to encourage your child to sleep independently, avoid rocking them to sleep.

Creative Nest Nursery has found great success in the use of the Dream Coracle – an innovative sleep option. The Dream Coracle is a wooden oval shaped bed that sits on the floor. It has been designed to encourage independence and positive sleep habits in young children. Due to the fact it sits on the floor, children can climb in and out whenever they like, thus giving them control and ownership over their own sleeping routines.

Just remember, this difficult period is temporary, and hopefully with these tactics and tips, you and your baby can finally enjoy a restful night.

For more information on Creative Nest Nursey, visit the website.

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