Dubai Design Week is Back!

The annual creative festival is back from November 12-17th, with 230 free-to-attend events taking place throughout D3 and across the city. The event is great for kids and families, and this year, the focus is placed on:


Making Space

A pop-up studio offering workshops and children’s activities conducted by regional and international designers and creatives. These workshops are for all ages, and range from modeling to sculpting, 3D painting, weaving and sketching.


Physical modeling

Hosted by Sharabassy Built Environment Studio, this workshop explores various modelling techniques. Models capture ideas, concepts and realities through a system of representation – they can be bigger or smaller than their source object. Visitors will be able to construct their own model by the end of the workshop.

Recommended for ages 8-16. Dhs100 per person.



Another workshop by Sharabassy Built Environment Studio, this one teaches children and teens how to sketch and render sketches using distinctive techniques. By the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to sketch and render their sketches, bringing their ideas to life. Recommended for ages 8-16. Dhs100 per person.


There’s a lot more happening across the city for Dubai Design Week 2018. Don’t forget to register on the Dubai Design Week App to find out more information and secure your slot at a workshop. Visit for more information


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