Free Events for International Babywearing Week

Eggs & Soldiers at Time Square Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, are working with like-minded local businesses to host free, fun and educational events for International Babywearing Week. Parents will learn the physical, emotional and developmental benefits of ‘wearing’ babies and young children in an appropriate carrier.


The schedule:

All events begin at 9am from Malaak Mama & Baby Care, on the ground floor.


October 1st

▪ Babywearing & Emotional Health with clinical psychologist Marie Thompson from Vivamus. A workshop on how babywearing can support and encourage a connection during the prenatal, postnatal and continued parenting stages.
▪ Mummy & Baby Yoga class by instructors from Yoga Retreats
▪ Drop-in Q&A session at Eggs & Soldiers throughout the morning.


October 2nd

▪ Babywearing & Babies’ Health with Dr Rania Ayat Hawayek from Infinity, The Family Medicine Clinic. This will explore the benefits of babywearing for babies’ development and correct, upright positioning, to prevent and assist the common issue of reflux in young babies.
▪ Drop-in Q&A session Eggs & Soldiers throughout the morning


October 3rd

▪ Babywearing Q&A – A babywearing discussion with local experts and parents where questions will be answered, and experiences shared.


October 4th

▪Babywearing & Breastfeeding with lead midwife Cecile de Scally from Malaak Mama & Baby Care and Luxe Carriers
▪Maternity Bra Q&A and fittings with TKD Lingerie
▪Drop-in Q&A session Eggs & Soldiers throughout the morning


October 6th

▪ Babywearing & Prematurity with Lala Langtry-White from UAE support group, Small & Mighty Babies and Luxe Carriers.
▪ Babywearing Q&A
▪ Drop-in Q&A session Eggs & Soldiers throughout the morning

Attendees must register at

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