6 Fun Outdoor Activities For Children Under 10

Fitness expert Lara Stewart shares simple outdoor activities to keep your little ones entertained

Children sometimes aren’t old enough to create fun activities, and it is the job of the parents to make sure that they spend their time doing things that are fun and good for their mental and physical growth. If children, at an early age, do not form a habit of going out and appreciating outdoor activities, they may never, and will become the victim of electronic gadgets that have become irresistible. If you have a child and are wondering how to keep them engaged, have a look at some of these ideas.


Recycled Bottle Bowling

Every house has empty bottles that are being wasted or thrown away. You can put these bottles to good use by transforming them into bowling pins. Turn your backyard into your own bowling alley by using this recycled bottle bowling craft, which is really easy. Just add some paint to the rescued bottles, and as soon as it dries out, you will have bowling pins to play with. It will also teach your children to be creative towards waste materials, and instead of throwing them out, you are using them in a constructive manner. You can make it a fun nighttime bowling game if you add glow sticks in the bottles.


Water Balloon Piñata

This game is ideal during summer as well, and is a great way to stay cool. Fill balloons with water, hang them in the backyard and break them! Set a timer, whoever breaks the most balloons in the shortest time will win.


Hula Blockers

Hula Blockers is really simple to set up and fun for the entire family. Get a few hula hoops and tiny bean bags. Toss the bean bags through the hoop, while the opponent blocks the incoming bean bags , pushing it back the other way. You can play in threes or fours to create a bigger challenge. This game is great for physical fitness and  coordination elements.


Bean Bag Ladder Toss

Get a ladder and label each rung with points. Throw your tiny bean bags between the rungs and score as many points as you can. You can play it in teams or solo, whatever you prefer. The setup is really easy, no effort is needed, and everyone will love this carnival game.


Sand Box

This idea allows kids to spend many hours getting their hands dirty, even if there is no beach nearby. It is simple sandbox but can be so entertaining for kids. Sand is a fantastic trigger for creative play where children can build sandcastles, and dig and make up their own sand games.

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