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Children and pets: Top tips to encourage playtime with furry friends

Your kids might have gone back to school but that doesn’t mean they can’t continue to have quality time with their pets. Spending time with a family pet gives children a greater sense of empathy and teaches children responsibility. Here are a few ideas on how your kids can fun with their four-legged siblings

The Family Dog Games

Teach them a new trick: There are so many recourses including your kids favourite Youtube videos which feature training animals. These tricks will not only help your dog learn a new trick, but it will help your child learn a new skill, as well as patience.

DIY backyard obstacle course: Cardboard boxes, play tunnels, a hula hoop and a pool noodle can all be repurposed into a backyard obstacle course that your child and dog can learn to master together.

Sprinkler fun: Dogs and kids are both likely to be entertained running through the sprinkler. While some dogs couldn’t care less about sprinklers, they will love chasing your kids around the yard as they run through the sprinklers.

Reading practice: If your little one is learning to read, there’s no better audience than a patient, non-judgmental, four-legged listener. Have a no-stress, daily storytelling time to practice reading skills.

Kitty and Kiddie Playtime

Build a fort: Collect cardboard boxes to craft a creative cat fort: cut holes, tape them together and colour the cardboard. All of it adds to a great way to spend a summer day. Watch her learn to make her way through the maze, perhaps with the help of treats or toys. With large enough boxes, your child and your cat can enjoy a dark oasis to let their imaginations run wild. Just be sure to assist so that they are secure and do not collapse on your cat, so as to not scare him/her in the process.

Teach them to fetch: Cats love to hunt all sorts of things, scrunched up pieces of paper and milk lids for example. Kids can teach cats to play fetch with items by simply sitting on the floor, tossing it and seeing what happens. Some cats might not get the concept, and may go play with the toy independently, but over time repetition can help your cat understand the game. They will learn that as they bring the toy back to your child that it “comes to life” every time it’s thrown.

Cat car: Securely tie a piece of string to a remote-controlled car and send it whizzing with your kitty for an irresistible target. Again, for your cat’s safety make sure the car isn’t too fast and that your child doesn’t drive the car into the cat.

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