Review: The Spa, Address Boulevard

Recommended for those struggling with muscular aches and discomforts, the sedative effects of hot stones are said to assure deep relaxation while alleviating chronic pain and stress.

I’m booked in for a sixty-minute hot stone massage (my first ever) at The Spa, Address Boulevard, and arrive 15 minutes prior to my scheduled appointment time to make full use of the spa facilities. There’s an outdoor pool for spa guests only, as well as an indoor vitality pool, Finnish sauna, steam room and two experience showers.

The treatment begins with a foot cleansing ritual, while I choose my massage oil of preference – I opt for amber, which is said to help calm the mind and enhance circulation.

Once in position on the heated bed, my therapist, Menaka, lays a thin towel down the centre of my back, before placing a number of hot basalt stones – which are flat in shape and smooth to touch, down the length of my spine.

Menaka then uses the amber oil to massage my legs using a medium pressure. She begins by using her hands, before introducing the hot stones into her massaging technique, using a mixture of long strokes and circular motions. She then places the stones into my palms and leaves them there, before progressing to massage the rest of my body using the same format. The treatment also includes a head massage, and Menaka massages the hot stones into my neck and shoulders to loosen any tension, before applying the amber oil to massage my scalp.

Following the treatment, I head back to the relaxation room to enjoy a cup of jasmine tea and a selection of dried fruits. Menaka recommends leaving the oil to absorb for at least three hours; due to my appointment time, I sleep overnight in mine, and wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and relaxed for the day ahead.

Details: The sixty-minute hot stones massage is priced at AED 500. The Spa is open from 9am-10pm daily. To book, call 04 561 8126 or visit the website for more information. 

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