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Toys Insider Middle East brings popular European toy brand to the region

Encouraging a child’s curiosity so that, in addition to being active, they enjoy a childhood full of experiences and discoveries that mark their personality, is the fundamental ethos behind Toys Insider Middle East.

The brand prides itself on creating toys that encourage children to run, socialize, explore and discover – taking them off the couch and promoting motion games with vehicles, houses and outdoor toys, ultimately stimulating their curiosity to explore and understand the world that surrounds them.

In line with this, Toys Insider Middle East has just announced that it has brought European toy brand, Feber, to the region.

Explore through movement
With Feber’s foot to floor, push’n’go balance bikes and trikes.

Moving, exploring and feeling excited in all their disseverments. These toys are a fun invitation for children to learn about the world. There is nothing more exciting than letting curiosity lead your imagination and learning by yourself, while stimulating your developmental skills. At a young age, developmental milestones are focused on reaching motor skills development, since these will allow the general growth of the child. Ride on toys foster outdoor play and increases an active life and independence.

Target: kids starting from 6 months to 3 Years old

Emotional benefits: stimulating their curiosity.

Toys made to develop self-independence
With Feber’s quads, motorbikes, tribikes, 1- and 2-seat vehicles and accessories

Children are naturally curious and curiosity is an endless source of fun. When infants turn 4 years old they want to learn and know everything, but they want to do it through fun and entertaining games. Feber Drive are toy vehicles with realistic details that stimulate children’s curiosity. They are ideal for stimulating their fine motor skills which are now needed for most of the activities they are involved in, such as: learning to write, dressing themselves, feeding themselves, picking up toys, etc. Feber Drive are dream toys that children and parents can’t resist. A wonderful way to develop self-assurance and independence.

Target: kids starting from 2 to 6 Years old

Emotional benefits: stimulate their curiosity and autonomy.

Discovering life through symbolic games
With Feber’s houses, slides, activity centres, swings and outdoor games.

There is nothing that will trigger our curiosity more than wanting to discover who we are and how to do things our own way. Infancy is the most important stage of life and, social interaction and teaching our kids values, are crucial in order for them to be able to adapt to life and to put them in practice throughout the following years, reaching an integral development of their social skills. Feber life toys allow children to replicate there everyday life, assuming an active role while fostering routines, teaching general values and encouraging social games. They improve daily life skills while promoting symbolic play, allowing children to interpret different roles, expressing fears, fantasies, or issues of concern, while releasing stress and developing problem solving strategies.

Target: kids starting from 2 to 6 Years old

Emotional benefits: social skills and autonomy.

Challenge their skills
With Feber’s ‘My Lovely Unicorn,’ ‘My Lovely Llama,’ ‘My Wild Horse,’ and ‘Mad Racer

How far can I go? This is the question that arises in children as they grow up. FEBER WOW offers products designed for children +3 years who are interested by activities that provide them an increased level of adrenaline and that challenge their skills. Toys Feber Pro are designed to provide intense moments for children and peace of mind to parents because they adapt latest technology in vehicles for children and meet all safety requirements.

Target: kids starting from 3 to 10 Years old

Emotional benefits: intense and youthful fun.

Details: To view the entire range, click here.

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