Ensure a family-wide healthy lifestyle with Fitbit’s kid-friendly device

The Fitbit Ace 2 for kids over the age of six helps them track their footsteps and learn healthy habits, encouraging them to be more active to see their progress all day long.

The funky-coloured Fitbit has a new swim proof design with a bumper to protect the screen during kid-related activities. The Ace 2 also debuts new animated clock faces, colourful avatars and cover photos to personalize their profiles within the Fitbit app.

Simply connect it to the Fitbit family account app on your phone to set up the device and input their weight, height and required data, and let them strap it on to their arms. Let them take their pick from classic silicone bands in kid-friendly colours: grape, night sky and neon yellow, and watermelon and teal, as well as playful printed bands featuring motivational messages and active graphics designed for kids (black and white “go!” and two-toned teal “jazz”).

Details: Available for AED 299 in the UAE. The printed bands and accessories are sold separately for AED 129-149.

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