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Protecting your babies’ skin during cooler climes

We all know that the colder months can play havoc with our skin, making it dry, flaky and giving us painful chapped lips. But did you know it can have the same effect on baby’s skin too?

Cooler climes causes a baby’s skin to become dry and inflamed, often leading to rough, red cheeks and hands, which irritate and cause them a great deal of discomfort. And while babies’ mouths are often covered in dribble, they can get chapped lips because saliva breaks down the top layer of skin.

While human instinct is to make them all warm and cozy, this can actually make things worse. Over-dressing your baby can do more harm than good. Too much swaddling causes discomfort to the baby, making them feel hot and uncomfortable. Babies can overheat easily, which is not only irritating, but also makes skin dry and other skin conditions worse. To begin with, dressing babies in thin, breathable layers of cotton is much more suitable as compared to wool, polyester or nylons. This will allow more air to reach the skin and to make it easy, remove a layer of clothing ensuring they don’t feel too hot. Ensure your baby is wearing a hat and possibly gloves too, checking regularly that those areas aren’t overheated.

Keeping your baby well-moisturized and hydrated during the cooler months is key to avoiding skin conditions. Use a non-perfumed moisturizer on them regularly, however, bathe them less regularly, as too much water can strip the skin of its natural oils, causing it to dry out more. If all this sounds a little concerning – how can we keep them clean if too much washing is a no-no? This is where WaterWipes come in. Made from 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract, they are the world’s purest baby wipes and the number one choice for newborn skin.

So, grab your coat and venture out with confidence and determination, enjoying the cooler climes in a more relaxed manner and make the most of the coming months.

Details: For more information, please visit If you enjoyed this article, you may be interested in reading more about the benefits of WaterWipes with young infants here

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