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Keep a watchful eye on your little ones with the Yale Indoor Camera

For parents of newborns, few things can be more important than knowing you’ll be there from the moment your baby wakes up and needs your undivided attention. For moments when you can’t be present immediately, the Yale Indoor Camera comes in handy

The days of silently tiptoeing into the nursery to sneak a peek on your napping baby, while doing your best not to wake them up, are long gone. A variety of modern technologies have opened the door to new possibilities for keeping watch on our loved ones. Parents nowadays need not only opt for smart solutions, but secure ones that can work together to provide a seamless experience. As the oldest and best-known name in the security industry, as well as a portfolio including millions of product combinations created since 1840, Yale can help do just that.

Featuring the latest wireless technology, the Yale Indoor Camera is a reliable and easy-to-use device that acts as a baby monitor or a convenient way to check in on your children while you’re not home. Offering full, high definition 1080p IP live view and motion detection and alerts, the camera is the perfect solution for parents who want to have full peace of mind knowing that their little one is fast asleep or that their children got home from school safe. The camera is equipped with an onboard two-way audio system, allowing parents to listen to their babies wake up, and they can calm them down with the use of their voice or even have a little fun telling their little darling to get their hand out of the cookie jar.

For those who don’t want to miss a moment, the camera can replay previously recorded footage with the addition of an SD card. Thanks to the integration with Amazon Alexa, the Yale Indoor WiFi camera allows for streaming live video on your Amazon screen devices. Once set up, all it takes is a simple voice command such as “Alexa, show me the nursery” or “Alexa, show me the living room” for a quick view of the setting.

The Yale Indoor WiFi camera can also be accessed and controlled through the Yale View app available for iOS and Android devices. The camera is free of expensive monthly monitoring fees and comes with an easy installation, allowing you to set it up within seconds. Keeping an eye on your little ones has never been more convenient!

Visit or call 800 YALE (9253) for more information.

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