Love Earth, Babyshop’s new eco-friendly brand

Babyshop has announced the launch of its sustainable eco-friendly in-house brand, Love Earth. The brand works closely with Babyshop’s brand ethos that ‘Every child deserves the best start in life’ – but the range takes this brand purpose one step further by “giving every child a better planet to get the best start in life.” 

New Babyshop Love Earth Range

Love Earth is an in-house clothing brand for ages 0 to 14 years, created and designed by Babyshop, working with carefully selected manufacturers who meticulously follow the highest sustainability standards.  The entire Love Earth range is produced with minimal or zero impact on the environment, using materials and resources that are not only child-friendly, but eco-friendly, too. 

New Babyshop Love Earth Range

The Babyshop Love Earth range – good for nature, and for your baby 

Love Earth’s eco-commitment percolates right down to the minutest detail. Buttons and accessories are made from recycled polyester. Fabrics in the Love Earth collection have a super-soft feel and sport neutral colour palettes. All materials are sourced from suppliers who are dedicated and committed to environmental causes. This thoughtful brand uses only eco-friendly manufacturing processes that minimise wastage and help to keep its carbon footprint tiny. 

New Babyshop Love Earth Range

Furthermore, Love Earth uses materials that do not erode the earth’s rapidly depleting resources. The aim is to avoid tipping over the delicate eco-balance that the world is literally teetering on. So, Love Earth adheres to manufacturing practices that keep its consumption of fuel, water, electricity and other production consumables to the minimum. 

New Babyshop Love Earth Range

Happy childhood, happy planet 

The overarching principle of Love Earth, in its products, processes, people, performance and perfection quests, is to make our planet a happy place for those who use its products, and who will one day inherit the earth. Love Earth products are available across all Babyshop stores and online

New Babyshop Love Earth Range

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Visit the Babyshop website,  or alternatively, connect on their social media channels:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter 

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