When an older child is wetting the bed…

Nighttime bed-wetting during sleep is more common in young children than you might think. Most children outgrow this type of bed-wetting by the time they turn 5 years old, but in some cases it may still continue.


All children wet the bed and have ‘accidents’ at some point during toilet training. This is a normal, expected part of the learning process. In general, bed-wetting may occur even after your child is toilet trained, which usually takes place between the ages of 2 and 4. But since every child is different, your child may or may not fall within this age range.

If and when your child wets the bed, it’s best not to make a big issue out of it. Respond in a calm, casual manner – and know that your child isn’t wetting the bed on purpose. The key to managing a bed-wetting incident with your child is not to scold them or make them feel ashamed. Instead, remain calm and help them understand that it was an accident, that it happens to many children, and that it will go away with time.

10 tips for managing bed-wetting with your child:

  1. Don’t punish or blame them
  2. Help them feel less embarrassed or ashamed. Explain that bed-wetting isn’t their fault, that it happens to all children, and that it will go away in time
  3. If bed-wetting runs in the family (for example, if a sibling or a parent has been a frequent bed-wetter), let your child know in order to make the situation feel more relatable
  4. Choose nighttime underwear like the new Ninjamas, an all-in-one solution with built-in OdorMask™ technology
  5. Consider letting your child help change the sheets after a bed-wetting incident
  6. Establish a no-teasing rule with other siblings
  7. Pay attention to your child’s urine and bowel movements throughout the day
  8. Encourage your child to use the toilet before their bedtime routine and just before falling asleep; and have them avoid drinking a lot of liquid
  9. Wake your child up a couple hours after going to sleep and encourage them to use the toilet
  10. Reward your child for dry nights with positive reinforcement and offer loving support after wet nights.

Psychologist Elena Andrioti says: “Bedwetting can be a frustrating experience for both parents and children. It is a normal part of a child’s development and something most children outgrow on their own. What matters is to make sure children understand that this experience won’t last forever and it is recommended to give them the tools they need to feel confident. Ninjamas overnight underwear can help children achieve dry nights as they navigate through bedwetting experiences.”


Leave the dirty sheets and feelings of defeat in the past because Ninjamas is here to deliver confidence and discretion to kids and parents everywhere. Ninjamas are absorbent, stealthy and comfortable nighttime underwear for boys and girls aged five to 12 to help them sleep better and wake up feeling Ninjawesome.

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