A Hot Box of Chicken Bites for a Great Family Night In!

How would your family movie night be if you put a big box of 40 hot, fresh chicken bites on the table during your cosy evening together?!

Or how would your night be if you arranged for everyone to have their own individual box of juicy fried chicken bites, crinkle fries, pickles and sauce to watch the matches as the Euro football tournament builds up to the final? (In the same way as they set up the snacks in the United States during the Superbowl!) 

But what if one of you loves spicy hot chilli flavours and someone else prefers no spice on their chicken bites? No problem! Dave’s Hot Chicken has launched a great little addition to their famous chicken in the form of snack nugget bites, available in three spice preferences: ‘no spice,’ ‘medium’ and ‘hot’, letting everyone share a night of ‘movie or match’ snacks, just the way they like it!

The Hollywood connection!

From its first hot chicken outlet in East Hollywood, and now more than 700 outlets across the globe, the famous American brand of hot chicken has attracted backing from Hollywood and music celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson, the former Mrs Arnold Schwarzenegger and music giant, Drake. So it’s no wonder that Dave’s Bites has proven to be wildly popular in the UAE, with its variety of juicy chicken options tailored to satisfy every craving.

For all your casual at-home get-togethers, you can indulge in either individual portions of 10 perfectly seasoned chicken bites, with the option to add the famous crispy crinkle fries, pickles and sauce; or order the 40-piece sharing box, designed for sharing with friends and family. Whatever option you choose, Dave’s Hot Chicken bites are the ultimate in casual, cosy, comforting hot chicken bites that’ll make the great family night so much more pleasurable! 

Order your Dave’s Hot Chicken bites on Deliveroo!


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