Bedding tips for a better night’s sleep

Sleep has a much deeper impact on our mood, productivity and wellbeing than most other things. How can bedding make all the difference?

Good sleep is a cornerstone of proper health. When we get a poor night’s rest, the next day is usually a struggle, full of coffee, sluggish thinking, headaches and a lack of concentration. Understanding the significance of quality sleep leads you to consider the importance of the right mattress and bedding.

There is plenty of conversation in recent years around the role of interior design in enhancing rest, from the layout of your bedroom, to the colour on the walls. Whilst décor and routines can have a huge influence over our sleep habits, particularly screen time at night and a visually ‘noisy’ bedroom, in this article we will take a step back and look at some of the simplest changes you can make to immediately and functionally improve your sleep experience.

The right mattress

Have you ever developed a crick in your neck or a twinge in your back and shoulders as you’re trying to fall asleep, causing you to toss and turn, trying to get comfortable? The reason for this is often a bad mattress – or at least one that doesn’t suit you specifically. The right mattress is the crux of a great night’s sleep, providing you with a much-needed foundation of comfort.

You may prefer a soft and springy mattress, a firm one for your back or a memory foam mattress that moulds to your shape – each of us is different. The right fit will gently support your whole body and keep your spine neutral, whether you’re lying on your back, front or side. If a mattress doesn’t provide you with the correct support for your particular body, it will actually end up reinforcing poor sleeping posture, compromising your comfort and leading to disrupted sleep that leaves you feeling tired and sore in the morning.

The best approach is to simply honour your personal preferences – any mattress that allows you to sleep without pain, discomfort or restlessness will be the best mattress for you.

Bed sheets

The importance of choosing the right bed sheets is a little known aspect of optimal sleep health. Did you know that we each spend roughly one third of our lives in bed? How enjoyable that time is can have a lot to do with the sheet you select. The right sheet will keep you cool at night, wicking away sweat and allowing heat to escape. It’s best to sleep on a cold surface to control your body temperature, something that encourages you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night.

Thread count

If staying cool is a priority for you, look for lower thread count sheets. This will ensure your bedding is soft and durable, but it also allows the fabric to breathe as you snooze the night away. On the other hand, buying bed sheets with a high thread count may be best left to those in colder climates as more threads create a tighter weave and a less airy construction. It’s best to keep the material in mind too, as not all thread counts mean the same thing across different textiles.

Plain cotton

Plain cotton is the most common material for sheets and other bedding. It’s long-lasting, breathable, soft, easy to care for and reasonably priced. It also comes in a wide range of designs and colours, meaning you’ll be able to sleep in comfort and style!


This kind of weave leads to a luxurious, silky feel, and an incredibly robust material. However, it also feels thicker and might be too warm for most of us in the region, unless you tend to get chilly at night.


This fabric is sometimes called a ‘simple’ weave and is usually used with higher-quality material. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to stay on the cooler side at night, thanks in part to the lightness of the material.

Duvets and pillows

From anti-allergy pillows to down alternative duvets, there is a wide choice of sleep essentials grounded in science that will boost your night’s rest. There are many different health-enhanced features available, including antimicrobial, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties, so with a little thought, you’ll be able to find a duvet and pillows that align your comfort with wellness, promoting a healthy sleep. A lighter duvet is usually best in hotter weather, as is a pillow that supports your head and corrects your body’s alignment. Pillows are often down to personal taste, so make sure to try before you buy!


Creating an environment conducive to better sleep involves a little more than the correct bedding. If you can pair the right mattress, pillows, sheet and duvet with an ambience that promotes sleepiness, you are all but guaranteed a good rest. Experiment with blackout curtains or a sleep mask if you find light disturbing, set the pre-bedtime atmosphere with soft lamplight or candles and try out some aromatherapy fragrances to help you unwind as you climb into bed at night.

All of the above elements address specific factors that contribute to proper rest, making for a rounded approach to rest and rejuvenation, and setting you up for a wonderfully refreshing sleep each night!

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