Al Ain Farms is the Supporting Partner for the event. What does ‘Supporting Partner’ mean?

As our event, ‘Pregnancy & Baby’s First 6 Months’ is an educational event designed to support new parents, Al Ain Farms are keen to be involved as a partner. Why? Two reasons: Firstly, it’s a breakfast event and therefore there is a context of food and food choices. Being the first dairy company in the UAE, Al Ain Farms has played a pivotal role in ensuring the highest quality food products to families all over the country.

And secondly: It’s about how we treat each other and our environment. Al Ain Farms maintains best-in-class animal care and welfare standards for all its cows. The cows are fed the best quality balanced cattle feed and green grass, specially grown for them; their nutritionists and vets ensure their feeding standards and health; and all milk is naturally produced from happy cows, without any antibiotics or added hormones. You can read more about how their family of cows live HERE, but suffice it to say that at Mother Baby & Child, we’re proud to partner with Al Ain Farms to bring you this event and thank them for the reminder of the importance of food choices to all families.