Future Health Biobank is one of the world’s most accredited stem cell banks and regarded by its peers as the most innovative, highly considered centre of excellence for quality and service within the stem cell banking industry. With state-of-the art laboratories in the UK and Switzerland, Future Health Biobank operates 4 storage facilities in 2 separate locations (Nottingham, UK and Chatel, Switzerland); and has a presence in more than 75 countries worldwide, making them a true global leader in stem cell banking.

Future Health Biobank is proud to own its laboratory and ensures that each and every sample is stored to their expert standards. As the industry leader, they have trialled all of the leading cord blood processing technologies over the last 20 years.

By storing your baby’s stem cells you’re investing not only in their future health, but also that of the rest of your family.

For further information: www.futurehealthbiobank.com/ae-en