About Us

Whether you are looking to start a family, conceive, or you are getting your toddler ready for the first days of school, life is full of challenges! Despite all the happiness that children may bring us, they also bring along stress and responsibilities. Mothers are always in need of advice, but are often hesitant over where to seek it.

In realization of the needs of every mummy out there, a young mother felt the need to launch the Mother, Baby & Child Magazine Community – a practical monthly magazine, web platform, and more! An online presence, which both complement the magazine and add to it, while facilitating an open dialogue with mothers all over the world.

The magazine is available in all key retail outlets; from hypermarkets to gas stations, bookshops to groceries, as well as by subscription right to your doorstep. Mother, Baby & Child is also distributed through outlets frequented by pregnant mothers or new parents such as pre-natal classes, doctors’ and gynaecologists’ clinics, hospitals, mother & child groups, day care centres, nurseries, and expat groups. Additionally, toy stores, coffee shops, fitness centres, spas, hair and beauty salons, retail outlets, hotels, and more.

For more information and to subscribe:
Tel: +971 4 440 9100
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