Tips to Fight Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is one of the early signs of pregnancy that lasts throughout the first trimester and can be a cause for annoyance for many moms to be. Although, there is no way to avoid morning sickness, but there are ways through which it can be reduced. Physicians noted that almost 75% of women suffer from nausea or morning sickness and extensive study showed a correlation between lack of sleep and nausea pangs. As per the Physician’s advice, a healthy 8-hour long sleep can help pregnant women feel a world of difference in their health and significantly reduces morning sickness.

fight morning sickness

Spicy and fatty foods are great triggers to morning sickness and it is best to avoid them during this time. A protein rich diet helps combat morning sickness and there are a number of ‘fighter foods’ like pretzels, crackers, organic fruits and vegetables, dry poultry meats and meat sauce with pasta. Citrus fruits work exceptionally well and sucking on a lemon provides relief. In case you don’t have a taste for lemon, ginger also works the same way; ginger ale is also a good alternative. Besides these natural remedies, there are medications that also help with morning sickness and particular, vitamin and Iron supplements will surely help prospective mothers feel a lot better.


Missy Jaramillo. Minimize morning sickness with these helpful hints

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