Homeschooling in Dubai: five things you need to know

Are you considering homeschooling your child in Dubai? Here’s five things you need to consider before taking the leap…

  1. Although Dubai has no specific legal requirements surrounding homeschooling, it’s recommended that you follow an accredited programme. This makes it easier for them to re-enter mainstream schooling at a later date, including attending university.
  2. Taking on the responsibility of educating your child in Dubai can be stressful. Consider how taking on the role of teacher may affect your relationship with your child, and consider boundaries that should be established (for example, setting aside a room at home that is only used as a classroom).
  3. Teaching at home means no standardized tests. If you choose to homeschool, a good option can be to arrange with a local college dates for your child to sit standardized tests (for example if you wish them to follow a British curriculum, Key stage 1 and 2, GCSEs, A levels etc). This can help give structure to the teaching modules you set at home too, along with deadlines for work. If you do not give them standardized testing, they will struggle to gain entry to mainstream schools later on in their academic career.
  4. Consider online support. Although you may be homeschooling in Dubai, you can still access teacher support from all over the world. There are plenty of credible and accredited online tutors who can be used for extra support or to break up your teaching schedule.
  5. Friendships. An important part of traditional schooling is the frieindships and social skills developed by children. If you take your child out of mainstream education, be sure that they have other outlets to build friendships and to socialize with other children, through options such as sports activities, play dates or going to the park.

For more information, visit Dubai and Northern Emirates Homeschool Association (DUNEHA) or the Abu Dhabi Home Schoolers Association


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