Holistic Ways to being Parents to Your Growing Child

Holistic Motherhood Tips…On parenting

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  1. Mindful parenting involves being attentive, setting limits, having realistic expectations and displaying fairness, consistency and flexibility.
  2. There are predictable patterns of growth and development at various ages that parents need to understand.
  3. Adjust your expectations to match your child’s current level of ability and understanding.
  4. Use behavioural guidance and discipline that is appropriate for a child’s developmental level.
  5. Plan family activities that match a child’s interests and abilities.
  6. Offer foods that are interesting, safe and nutritionally sound.
  7. Help others to understand your child’s individual talents, preferences and challenges.
  8. Understand the variations in development from one child to another and typical milestones.
  9. Accept your children and others for the people they are and the individuals they are becoming.
  10. Identify, acknowledge and balance their personal needs with those of their children.


Invitation to Holistic Health: A Guide to Living a Balanced Life

By Charlotte Eliopoulos,

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