Abu Dhabi IVF clinic announces record number of pregnancies

Abu Dhabi IVF clinic IVI Fertility has announced record 500 successful pregnancies in three years. According to the clinic around 20 per cent of all cases were through in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Abu Dhabi IVF clinic

“This is a very exciting time for IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic. It is a huge milestone not only for our doctors and staff, but also for the local community who had faith in the brand and entrusted us to help them fight infertility. Given our volume of IVF professionals and technologies, we are confident to provide greater care and an even greater success rate to our patients in the coming years,” said Prof. Dr. Human Fatemi, Subspecialist Reproductive Medicine & Reproductive Surgery and the Medical Director, IVI Fertility Clinic.

According to the report by the clinic, IVF treatments at IVI Fertility are amongst some of the highest in the region.

“It is tremendously encouraging to see how the clinic has grown in the past few years. While we have made a mark for ourselves in the industry, we are not resting our laurels, but will continue our journey to providing unmatched services,” concluded Prof. Dr. Human Fatemi.

The clinic treats a range of issues connected to pregnancy, from reoccurring miscarriages, previously failed IVF cycles and male infertility issues.

Details: IVI Fertility Clinic have branches in the Middle East across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat. For more information visit IVI Fertility Clinic. If you enjoyed this article, you may like this story on the first babies born in Abu Dhabi this Eid.

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