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Veronica Martin caught up with Sarah Battikha, Founder of Frame, a dermatology clinic in Dubai, to discuss wellness & beauty, the challenges of being a mother and entrepreneur and her innovative treatments.

You followed in your father’s footsteps and began a successful career in the same industry, what did attract you the most to work in wellness and beauty?

I have always been obsessed by wellness and beauty. Before finding my own career path I was working in a totally different industry, and I remember feeling a bit “useless” as I kept saying that I wasn’t feeling like I was helping anyone. Whereas now I know that throughout my clinics I am able to help people feel better about themselves and that is why I was attracted to this very specific field.

You opened your first Frame clinic in 2017, a second one in 2020 and have opened your third one in Dubai this year. What do you think is the secret behind your success?

A bit of an adventurous mind is definitely necessary as well as believing in your project and bringing something new to a market which can feel overcrowded.

Can you tell our readers how do you juggle being a mother and an entrepreneur? What do you find the most challenging?

Becoming a mother has definitely changed how I see things now, however I feel like it has made my business life much easier in a sense that I don’t waste time on the small stuff and I’m much quicker at decision making now.

However, juggling the two are daily tasks and I try to take each day as they go. I used to be a bit of a control freak before and motherhood taught me to let go more.

FRAME is the first clinic in Dubai to offer the innovative Celliss Machine. Can you give us more details about how this treatment works and the main benefits?

Celliss is an innovative anti cellulite and slimming machine made in Europe which provides the only solution capable of treating a significant surface of the body, simultaneously. The adjustable and adaptable aspiration/percussion cycle, with variable intensities and speeds, massages the skin and muscles in three dimensions. Stimulating and treating such a large zone at the same time makes the overall effect of the treatment more efficient. Orange-peel is reduced, skin radiance and firmness are improved, the silhouette is reshaped and thighs, abdominals and buttocks are toned.

What’s the most popular aesthetic treatment for mothers?

Celliss is extremely popular as well as our Frame Glow & Lift which is a personalized protocol for hydrating and lifting the skin as mothers tend to feel their skin can be a little bit saggier after having a baby.

What do you think it makes you different from your competitors?

Our services are all fully personalized as we provide an in-depth skin analysis. We also work with the best Europe made machines and brands. Of course, Frame is a Swiss Made brand, so it provides our clients with a sense of outstanding quality and reliability.

What are your future plans? Are you planning to expand to other countries? 

That definitely would be my dream of course and only time will tell!

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