Find your summer glow and elevate your wellbeing with Fighter Shots

Veronica Martin caught up with Kavita Madhvani, Co-Founder at Fighter Shots, to discuss the benefits of ginger shots during summer, the effectiveness of shot-sized nutrition in a bottle and tips to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

What specific properties of ginger shots make them a refreshing and invigorating choice during the summer season?

Ginger has incredible bodily benefits and can be taken all year round but particularly in the summer where we expose our bodies to high temperatures, we can feel more inflamed and bloated. Ginger shots can help relieve this as it’s a natural anti-inflammatory, they also assist with better digestion and give you that natural energy boost as the heat can leave you feeling lethargic.

Can you provide detailed information on the specific nutritional benefits that ginger shots offer, such as the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants they contain?

All our ginger shots have organic cold pressed ginger juice which contain antioxidants, which can assist with lowering blood sugar levels, relieve muscles and joint pains and boost overall immunity.

How does the concept of wellness tie in with the convenience and effectiveness of shot-sized
nutrition in a bottle, and what advantages does it offer in terms of promoting a healthy lifestyle?

Our shots were created with convenience in mind, for those working and always on the go, new mums, fitness fanatics and more. The small size is deceptive as it’s a pocket rocket packed with 100% natural cold pressed juices with functional properties to boost your energy and keep you on top form throughout the day.

In your experience as a mother and entrepreneur, what are some effective strategies or tips for achieving a healthy work-life balance?  

I have always worked on a priority routine basis, I list out my to-do’s and my non-negotiables at the start of the day and try to work through the list the best I can, it’s always better to have a realistic and open mindset and to not set expectations too high. Children can throw in many curve balls so try to have a flexible mindset when approaching work and I always allow time in the evenings or early mornings to squeeze in important tasks I didn’t quite manage within my day. Personally, I lean onto childcare such as nursery and believe this helps both of us have structure and routine and lets us both thrive.

Could you elaborate on how Fighter Shots embraces and honours the traditions of old-school Indian heritage and incorporates secret spices into their products, and how this aspect contributes to their success and appeal in the market?

It is no secret that ginger has ancient medicinal healing power. Coming from an Indian origin family, ginger was always in our masala tea and if we had any stomach issues it was the go-to spice in my mum’s kitchen. I believe in UAE there is so much more awareness around ginger and turmeric as they’re regularly used in food and tea. I strongly believe it appeals to people as a natural way to fight off any colds/flus/ sore throats and more.


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