WaterWipes answers parental call with plastic-free wipes

Acknowledging the environmental awareness of parents in the UAE and KSA, WaterWipes introduces Plastic Free* Wipes, catering to the 93% preference for eco-friendly baby wipes and reinforcing the brand’s commitment to purity.

In response to growing awareness among parents in the UAE and KSA, WaterWipes conducted a survey revealing that an impressive 93% prefer plastic-free baby wipes. In line with this demand, WaterWipes has unveiled its Plastic Free* Wipes, underscoring the brand’s dedication to purity, sustainability, and innovative childcare solutions.

Notably, parents in the region prioritize sustainability and health, with 84% emphasizing the importance of products that safeguard their children’s well-being. Additionally, 92% believe in environmentally friendly children’s products, with 55% considering it extremely important.

Dr Emer Gilligan, External Affairs Director at WaterWipes, emphasized, “Today’s parents lean towards sustainability and health.” The Plastic-Free* Wipes, composed of 99.9% purified water and a hint of fruit extract, respond to this trend, assuring parents of a gentle choice for their newborns and advancing WaterWipes’ sustainability journey.

Key survey findings include:

69% of parents consistently check ingredient lists for children’s products.

76% deem safety certifications extremely important when purchasing children’s items.

87% prioritize minimal ingredients in children’s products, with 40% marking it as extremely important.

As global interest in sustainability rises, the introduction of Plastic Free* Wipes aligns WaterWipes with global sustainability goals, extending beyond a mere product launch. It stands as a symbol of responsible choice in a market increasingly valuing environmental responsibility, especially in anticipation of COP28.

WaterWipes, navigating the evolving landscape of baby care, continues its leadership with evidence-based innovations. The Plastic Free* Wipes emphasize the intertwining well-being of children and the planet. Choosing these products signifies a commitment to a world where decisions reflect a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of health and environmental well-being.

*The claim does not refer to the full product lifecycle nor the external plastic packing and relates to the wipes only.




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