Six essential things to consider when designing your baby’s nursery

When planning your little one’s first room, it’s important to mix practicality, comfort and the right aesthetic. Here are our top tips to help you on your way…

baby's nursery

  1. Research: At this early step in the design process, lead with your heart. Create a mood board with images that inspire you. Pinterest is great for putting together a digital mood board and researching different design ideas.
  2. The essentials: Prioritise getting the essentials first. The baby’s cot, changing station and a baby monitor. For guidance on buying baby gear on a budget click here.
  3. Versatility: Invest in pieces that can be used for years to come as your baby grows. For example, a cot that expands to become a toddler’s first bed. Ikea have some great products built to adapt as children grow.
  4. Safety: This will change as your baby becomes older and more mobile. However regardless of the age they move into their first room, it’s important to make sure there are no objects which could fall on to the crib (bookshelves, picture frames etc) and similarly with the changing station.
  5. Lighting: Many experts recommend investing in blackout curtains to make sure babies and children have a good nights sleep. It’s useful to have a low lit lamp, for nursing and before the baby goes to sleep.
  6. Storage: The importance of creating ample storage space cannot be underestimated. Toy boxes that double up as storage chests, side tables with extra space on hand and shelving are a handy investment.
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