Mindful – Choices

By: Bharti

In life, there are many roles that we juggle and fit into every single day. Some find this process natural and seamless while others struggle to cope with it whilst striving to be the perfect Spouse, Manager, Son or Daughter, Parent and so on!

mindful choice

There is nothing wrong in wanting to be perfect, but it sure comes with conditions, conditions that drive us to be the “ideal picture” seeded deep within our mind of what perfection looks and feels like!

If you feel you are racing through life, striving to conquer everyday moments instead of simply experiencing them for what they are, judging yourself to be that “perfect you” that resides within you, perhaps it is time to take a deep breathe and choose differently.

Here are two simple choices to live light!

1. Embrace yourself: Everyday, give yourself a positive push instead of the silent taunt and you will begin to see the person you truly are! The conflict and struggle of suppressing your true instincts to match the expectations of being the “perfect image” will subside and you will ultimately set yourself free from its grip.

2. Being Present: Living every moment as a unique experience without the desire to control or change can help you feel grounded into the present moment. Laugh without feeling judged, cry without tagging yourself to be weak, dance with the ones you love and soak in the energy of your presence in every moment as life unfolds; it feels light and easy!

Lets embrace life by choosing to be present for it!

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