The Rejuvenating Benefits of Clays

By: Rachad Atat

Clays have been part of my skin care regimen due to their amazing detoxification and nurturing properties. They have been used for thousands of years by ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians and the Native Indians. Let us explore some of the powerful clays which can regenerate your skin tissues.
When clays are applied in the form of a facial mask, they produce excess heat which helps eliminate wastes, toxins and impurities. The toxins are absorbed into the clay so they do not block the elimination process by sitting on the surface of the skin. Depending on your skin type, you may choose the clay which best suits your needs.


– Green clay is great for oily skin as it helps reduce sebum production. It has a fairly high concentration of different metal-ions, mainly chromium, nickel, and copper.
– White clay is suitable for mild, oily delicate skin and it assists in detoxification and balancing sebum production.
– Red clay or Moroccan Rhassoul clay is by far my favourite of all clays. It has high iron content and is best suited for cleansing and toning normal skin.
– Blue clay is suitable for sensitive skin. It contains cobalt salts, which help retain moisture.
– Pascalite clay features a wide variety of minerals. It is one of the best choices for an aromatherapy mask base. It is chemically unaltered and subject to minimal physical processing.
– Bentonite Clay is well-known for its detoxification properties.

Mix your favourite clay with aloe vera juice or aromatic hydrosols to form a paste. You could add a few drops of essential oil for added benefits. Remember to always use a plastic or wooden spoon when mixing the clay paste. Apply the mask for 10 minutes and repeat the treatment once to twice weekly.

Enjoy pampering yourself!

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