Five thrifty tips to save on baby shopping

Five thrifty tips to save on baby shopping, shop

1. Shop at the hypermarket

It may not be the ultimate five-star shopping experience, but hypermarkets stock quality clothes at reasonable prices. Babies outgrow them quite quickly, so why spend more when you can save it for later?

2. Check on discount markets

Dubai has its fair share of markets and savers’ paradise events. But there are also plenty of online saving havens for second-hand products too, including Dubai based Baby Bazaar on

3. Rent, do not buy

Have visitors or need that one item for a limited amount of time? has a wide selection and they offer pick-up and drop-off services for your convenience.

4. Borrow and swap with friends

Some of your friends may have had babies and will probably have a thing or two they can loan to you or swap. Do not be afraid to ask. Save hand-me-downs from your first child to pass on to your younger children or swap them with friends.

5. Be coupon savvy

Subscribe to discount newsletters like tMarhababy, which will welcome your newborn with fa free product-filled gift box. Be sure to check websites like and too, to help you save, save, save!

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