What to expect when you’re expecting: Asiya Nasir

Asiya Nasir

Asiya Nasir, founder of mamabasicblog.com and mum of two, talks us through her third pregnancy.


Me and my husband had been talking about having a third child soon, because we kept a two-year gap between each child, so it was time we completed our family. This decision was based around the fact that we could all fit into one car without buying a minibus, and my wishful thinking, that the kids can grow up together and leave me the heck alone (especially when they’re all in school together). We didn’t expect I’d get pregnant on the get go, but lo and behold, I missed my period and I finally took a test two weeks later. All I remember thinking was; “Oh cringe, it’s a Valentine’s baby?”, which means I’ll be joining many others giving birth in November. Yay.


As many women now know, morning sickness doesn’t actually mean it only happens in the morning, but for me, it was exactly that. Sickness only in the morning, especially after brushing my teeth. This has continued the whole nine months, no matter what brand of toothpaste I try. I’m convinced this baby wants me toothless. I did get a good look at the hiccupping little bean at my ultrasound and decided I’d be toothless for him/her – selfless I know.

It definitely has not hit me that I will be a mother of three soon, but I’m sure it will, when my eyebags reach the centre of the earth and let’s not talk about the collateral damage that is called my body.


This month was Ramadhan and my family pledged to do a charity project of feeding 700+ workers a day for 30 days. A rice and chicken dish called biryani was cooked from home, and nowadays I cannot stand the smell or sight of biryani. Ramadhan is also a month of fasting for the whole day, which when you’re pregnant, you cannot do. So when my in-laws arrived from the UK, we broke the news to our family so no-one questions why I’m always eating. Reactions ranged from the typical South Asian response of, “I knew already, I had a psychic dream” (I bet), to lots of excited screaming. I also got a huge surprise when my mum and sister came to visit me during the half term holidays. I would’ve lied and told my family I was pregnant ages ago if I knew they would fly out here that fast.


Cravings. Cravings. Cravings. But everything was what I grew up eating in the UK from certain shops like Greggs, which doesn’t exist here in Dubai. I found this to be the toughest factor about being a pregnant expat, so I kept myself distracted with cooking British favourites like cornflake tart and Sunday roasts. Coming into the second trimester also meant lots of scans, blood tests and not knowing if the baby is kicking or my tummy rumbling. The extra baby weight started to put pressure on my back, so I invested in some good pregnancy pillows and a pregnancy belt with a pocket at the back to insert an icepack or heated pad. Totally recommend this!


I discovered a new sensation called “Lightning crotch”. It feels like an electric bolt from * down there * to the rest of the body and it happens when the baby’s head hits a certain nerve, so it’s literally a lightning crotch as the name suggests. The shock is so strong that I jump with surprise and stop talking mid-sentence.


I discovered ASMR videos and I’m totally hooked. It gives me a weird tingly feeling at the back of my spine and makes me feel relaxed. My favourite ones are cats grooming themselves and fluffy white dogs being brushed down. I also find myself doing weird things like sniffing nail polish and going to furniture stores for the new leather smell.


Kids are back at school meaning I could finally start nesting. I filled five bags of clothes for charity and felt really chuffed with the clear out. I sorted out baby clothes month by month, colour-coded the hangers and labelled boxes for smaller items like baby socks. I honestly forgot how small newborns are and it suddenly made me nervous that can I do this all over again?


Coming closer to the due date had me freaking out. The scans revealed everything is normal however baby seems to be gaining weight too fast and therefore I was told to be on a healthier diet. I’m hoping it’s not a C-section as I’m terrified of it and I’ve never experienced it before, so I signed up for hypnobirthing classes with the amazing Ana (@thedancingbirth) and it’s helped me calm down and accept whatever happens, I can do this.


I have two weeks left until my due date and I’m keeping active by walking outdoors, taking in the Dubai winter weather and using my birthing ball to give my body a good stretch. I’ve been explaining to my children that they will become an older brother and sister to a baby soon. I also took them – for their first time – to my ultrasound. My son was so confused when he saw the baby on the monitor and started yelling “I don’t understand, is it a rectangle baby?” It was hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m so glad that its nearly over, pregnancy has felt like a nine-month hostage situation where I am both the hostage and the building. Looking forward to the next chapter.

With thanks to Asiya for sharing her pregnancy with us, you can follow her on Instagram @mamabasic to keep up-to date with her motherhood journey. 

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