Three things you need to know about paternity leave in Dubai

According to recent reports, many new fathers in the UAE  would like more paternity leave to spend time with their newborn and wife, however leave can vary from company to company. Here are three things you need to know

Paternity laws.

There is no law which forces companies in Dubai to give leave to new fathers. In 2016, Abu Dhabi became the first Emirate to enshrine paternity leave in law, giving three days to Government employees. Although this is a long way from countries like France and Japan which offer up to 28 weeks and 52 weeks respectively, it is seen a step towards further paternity rights in the UAE.

Company policy

If you planning on having children, would-be fathers should enquire about their company’s policy on parental leave as it can vary greatly in the private sector. Some companies offer two working weeks (in line with UK paternity policy) to others which offer none at all.

Annual leave

Regardless of whether leave is on offer for fathers, like new expat mothers in the UAE it’s wise to consider saving annual leave for the time when the baby is due. Again, discuss this model with your HR department as some companies do not allow new parents to bulk-take annual leave following the birth of a child.

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