Living in the Now

Inculcate patience, calmness, joy, and the feeling of living in the NOW in your children. This is what children in our high-tech modern world today yearn for: time and attention from their parents. Life is always too busy, too scheduled, too stressful, too competitive for a child going to school, college or university. Every hour is reserved for an activity or a session, work or study. We push them to eat right, dress right, speak right, excel, be successful because we were not, or because we were…Living NowSo how does a parent do this? Be patient, calm and “present” yourself. That is the easiest way to inculcate patience, calmness and “being in the NOW” in your children. Smile more. Appreciate the smallest of things they do correctly; use your phone less in their presence.Show them that they are more important to you than a WhatsApp. message from a group or a Facebook post from a friend. As soon as they enter the room, actually make it a point to say: “Ok, let me put away my phone and listen to what you have to share/ask”. As you do this time and time again and form this habit, they too will reciprocate. Share happy childhood memories with them. Eat together. Laugh together.React less and respond more. Even the most earth-shattering mistake can be dealt with patiently and compassionately. Choose to watch less television instead of keeping the TV on all day with repetitive sad and violent news, serial programs or song videos going on 24/7.Every word has a vibration. Choose your words carefully. Express gratitude to them for their being the unique, complete, special, one of a kind, little people that they truly are. So perfect in every way. Say “I love you.” often!By: Zarine

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