Seven essential safety tips for Trick or Treating in Dubai

Trick or Treating in Dubai

Children love to play trick or treat, but going out in the dark to knock on stranger’s doors can be dangerous. Mother, Baby & Child looks at how to make sure your kids evening Trick or Treating in Dubai is safe


Plan a specific route

Trick or Treating in Dubai

When Trick or Treating in Dubai, plan your route in advance. There are plenty of areas that aren’t pedestrian friendly, and rather than ending up with costumes full of sand, or screaming kids on busy roads its better to have a clear route in mind.


Check the sweets your child is given

Trick or Treating in Dubai

Before you let the kids eat anything, make sure check what they’ve been given and throw away any sweets or chocolate that are not in a wrapper or look like they have been tampered with.


Be costume savvy

Trick or Treating in Dubai

Avoid costumes that have trains, or plenty of excess material that kids could trip up on in the dark. Many people have candlelit pumpkins in their gardens and driveways and there can be plenty of kids with lit sparklers about. To avoid accidents it’s essential to make sure your child’s costume isn’t flammable. Look for costumes with labeled “flame resistant”. ABC News have a list of materials to avoid.


Dangerous roads

Trick or Treating in Dubai

Road traffic can make Trick or Treating in Dubai incredibly dangerous. Make sure costumes are brightly coloured costumes will help you, others and road traffic be more aware of your child. Also make sure to bring a flashlight and to go through road safety with your child before you set out.


Adult supervision

Trick or Treating in Dubai

Children under 12 should not Trick or Treat without adult supervision. If you decide to let your older children go Trick or Treating in Dubai without supervision, make sure they have a mobile phone, and are with a group of trusted friends.


Avoid masks

Trick or Treating in Dubai

Avoid masks that obstruct your child’s vision or affects their breathing. If they are wearing a mask, do a test in the garden after dark to make sure they can see properly even at night.


Keep hydrated whilst Trick or Treating in Dubai

Trick or Treating in Dubai

Make sure to bring some small water bottles. Although its cooling down, kids can get over exhausted and thirsty whilst out for an evening of Trick or Treating in Dubai.

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