Fresh Food Home Delivery in Dubai

Life is busy – and mums are under constant pressure to create interesting, fresh, healthy and tasty food for the family every day. Fresh food home delivery in Dubai, directly to your door definitely makes life so much easier – especially if the produce is often cheaper than supermarket prices and arrives same-day. This is why we are featuring – and you can see today’s ‘Price Watch’ examples below.

Fresh food home delivery in Dubai

Fresh food home delivery in Dubai –

It can sometimes be tough and expensive to eat cleanly and put nutritionally-sound, tasty choices into the school lunchbox. Kibsons really understand these concerns from mums, as it is a long-standing family-run business, in which young working mother, Halima Jumani, is Operations Director and shares the same parental obligations as most mums to provide a set healthy example – and table – for her family.

As well as other fresh food home delivery in Dubai, you can have blueberries that cost less than AED 10 per box delivered to your door same day (some supermarkets often charge more than double!) – which just shows what a help this service can be to busy mums. The extensive range of fresh products delivered by Kibsons is too huge to list, but includes:

Healthy snacks (fruit and vegetable chips, rice crackers, baked pretzos, power balls, etc.


Superfoods (eg. local UAE Flax Seeds at just AED 11.50 per 300g pack; local UAE White Quinoa at just AED 17.50 per 300g pack)

Organic Foods including fruit, vegetables (such as Vine Tomatoes from the Netherlands at just AED 13.50 500g per pack; Organic Greek Yogurt at just 13.75 per 500g tub; a range of coffee, pasta, honey, protein powders, chicken, and much more.

Even better for mums is same day delivery.

Here’s today’s ‘Price Watch’ of just a small handful of the produce for fresh food home delivery in Dubai available from


Today’s best prices for fruits

Fuerte Avocados (Kenya) – AED 11.50 per kilo (4 pieces per kg)

Bananas (Philippines) AED 3.75 per kilo (5 pieces per kg)

Baby Pineapples (South Africa) – AED 6.00 per piece (200 to 250g per piece)

Strawberries (Egypt) – AED 10.00 per pack (1kg per pack)

Navel Oranges (South Africa) – AED 3.75 per kilo (4 to 5 pieces per kg)

Red Globe Grapes with seeds (Australia) – AED 11.12 / per bag (950g to 1 kg per bag) Special Offer today – AED 8 per bag

Mini Watermelon (Spain) – AED 22.75 21.50/pcs (approx 1-1.7kgs per piece)


Today’s best prices for fish

Wild Tuna Fillets (Vietnam) AED 88.00 per pack (approx 1kg per pack)

Cajun Salmon Fillets (Chile) – AED 75.25 per pack (approx 1kg per pack)

Black Tiger Prawns (Vietnam) AED 82.00 per pack (approx 1kg per pack)

Wild Hammour Fillets (Vietnam) AED 86.75 per pack (approx 1kg per pack)

Green Mussels in half shell (New Zealand) AED 39.00 per pack (1kg per pack)

Smoked Mackerel (Ireland) – AED 22.50 per 170g pack (Ginger, chilli & lime, maple smoked & honey mustard)


Today’s best prices for meat

Chicken Breasts (Brazil) – AED 10.00 per pack (450g per pack)

Chicken Cubes and Chicken Strips (Brazil) – AED 12.75 per pack (500g per pack)

Lamb Mince (Australia) AED 28.50 per pack (500g per pack)

Beef Steak – Sirloin, Grain Fed (South Africa) – AED 26.25 per pack (280g pack)

Beef Steak – Fillet, Grain Fed (South Africa) – AED 36.75 per pack (8oz /225g)

Whole Duck (Brazil) AED 18.00 per kilo (2kg per pack)

Whole Turkey (USA) AED 113.75 per piece (6 -7kg per turkey)

Turkey Burgers (Brazil) AED 18.50 per pack (500g per pack)

You can click here to check the large variety of meat cuts and poultry products, as well as fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy, drink, pantry items and much more.

As well as being best known for fresh food home delivery in Dubai, Kibsons has been dedicated to supporting local and organic produce for years. Their commitment to mums is strengthened by a partnership with the largest organic farm and brand in the UAE, Mawasim, to make organic product more accessible to UAE consumers.

Kibsons also cares about the environment, so you can also choose exactly how your order is delivered – recyclable paper or oxo-biodegradeable plastic. You can even return your delivery boxes to be recycled!

For more information on the ranges of fresh produce: Visit the website or call +971 800 5427 667.


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