There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem

By Sharon Monteiro

From our early years, we are taught to rely on our Mind for everything. We have been cut off from connecting to our Spiritual guide (whomsoever we pray to when we are desperately in need).

spiritual solution to every problem
Teach your children that they are not alone. They have a guide who is with them 24/7 and have unlimited access to this Guide. When they have a problem, they can ask their Spiritual guide (through prayer) why are they facing this problem and they will be guided to a solution, but it first starts with us parents. We need to end this war of separation. We need to stop identifying ourselves as separate from all that is:

  • I am who I am
  • I am separate from people around me
  • I am separate from Source/God/Spiritual Guidance
  • I am separate from nature
  • I am separate from my body

We are not separate. From birth we are connected and seek connection to sustain us. When we are presented with a problem, we are presented with a spiritual solution to this problem. Let us take a good look at our problem, be aware of why this problem is in our lives, learn the lesson and move on. We are here to expand and most of the time our problems actually expand us. After a few months, we laugh at what we perceived to be a big problem back then and think of how much it changed our life.

We are all connected to each other and to the Source. Let us choose to recognise our connection to each other and the Source. Let us end this concept of separation which needs anger, hatred, judgment, jealousy and criticism to sustain this separation.

Let us choose to love and be loved!

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