Watch: ‘Baby and Me’ home workout with Rhian Adams

We’ve teamed up with Rhian Adams for a series of easy to do at home workouts for busy mums.

Grab baby and let them join you on this fun workout. Scroll down for full step by step instructions.

1. Squat into reverse lunge (x 5 each side): Holding baby as a weight bend at the hips and knees into a squat position. Then bring one knee to the ground behind you and push up from the ground to return to the starting position. Repeat lunging backwards with the opposite leg.

2. Baby presses (x6): Use your little one in place of a barbell, raising the child to your chest, and then lifting the child into the air and back

3. Walking lunges (x 12 steps): Holding your baby close to the chest, lunge forward and push up from the ground bringing both legs together. Continue lunging forward by changing legs.

4. Baby rows (x 8): Hinge at the hips, use your little one to exercise your back muscles by pulling them in nice and close to the chest and extending back out again.

5. Sumo Squat pulses (x 10) followed by Sumo squat calf raise (x 10): Holding baby close to the chest in a wide stance and feet pointing slightly away from the body, drop into a squat position perform small pulses, and follow with raising yourself up onto your toes to exercise your calf muscles whilst maintaining your sumo squat stance.

6. Squat into drop lunge (x 4 each side): Holding baby close to the chest, bend both legs and drop into a squat. Straighten up again and turn both legs to face the side and bend both knees into a lunge position. Straighten up and rotate both legs back to the front to repeat.

7. Baby passes (3 rounds): Using baby as a basketball, pass left, right, centre and up into the air. This is usually my baby’s favourite!

8. Squat and rotate (x 5 each side): Bend both legs and then straighten again. As you do so, rotate to the side holding baby closely to the chest.

Repeat the entire workout for 1 or 2 rounds.

With thanks to Rhian Adams and baby Samson!

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