Albal Design unveils UAE’s first science based interior design concept

Contemporary design company Albal Design has introduced the first science-based concept in the UAE, dubbed “Tafaseel,” which transforms any home or business environment to reflect your personality, style/mood, or brand identity.

Emirati interior designer Noura Alghandi has spent years researching the idea of “Tafaseel,” which combines psychology, music, and art to create design signals to highlight a brand’s identity or particular style. It promotes creative storytelling and the capacity to translate it into a concrete design because it is specifically built for each customer and project.

Clients are given the freedom to express themselves by doodling on paper while blindfolded and listening to music. Albal’s team analyses the scribbles to extract characteristics such as shapes, texture, colours, and patterns using cognitive psychology to suggest a relationship between shapes and sentiments or memories.

This approach aids in bringing back the memories and feelings that are most familiar to them, which are then translated to produce original ideas that may be used for furniture, interior design, branding, and even couture.

The founder, Noura Alghandi said, “We spend so much time indoors – so, your home, office or even a retail outlet should be able to reflect your personality, company culture / identity or be able to connect with a customer. Psychology and design go hand in hand – and this collaborative process just helps articulate a customer’s story to bring a fresh perspective, and a fantastic and unique design.”

This design technique can be applied to any location, resulting in increased staff wellbeing, increased productivity and sales for commercial projects, or a heaven for homeowners.

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