The gift of a good night’s sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep can be a real challenge. Here are a handful of products that might just help you get the rest that you deserve.

A good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to take care of your health and happiness. Good quality sleep is paramount for good emotional and physical health. In the ‘always on’ environment of this modern world, full of technology and the pressures of society, it’s more important than ever to truly rest your mind and your body by making good sleep a priority. From sleep-inducing aromatherapy, and home fragrances, to customised pillow sprays and luxury sheets, here are some suggestions that might just give you and your family the gift of a good night’s sleep.


A good sleep routine becomes a signal to the body to relax and detach from a busy day. Essential oils or fragrance diffusers containing lavender and chamomile are a really effective way to aid relaxation and to promote better sleep. The “Perfect Night’s Sleep” Reed Diffuser from Neom is a lovely way to help you wind down at night. This dreamy blend uses 100% natural fragrances, with lots of pure essential oils, including lavender, jasmine and sweet basil – sure to soothe you into a deep, relaxing sleep.


The climate in the UAE makes it essential to choose breathable fabrics. Cotton is the best fibre for coolness, and so Linen Obsession’s “Real Hotel Linen” 500 Thread Count Cotton Sateen Sheets are an absolute winner when it comes to staying comfortable through the night. Nothing beats a crisp hotel bed made of white cotton linen! Now you can replicate hotel opulence in your own home, with these super high thread count, smooth sateen sheets.


One of the biggest disruptions to a restful sleep is allergies. If you suffer from allergies due to dust mites, it’s recommended to always choose allergy-free products. Linen Obsession has a clever range of dust-resistant bedding, including silk pillowcases and 100% silk filled duvets. The gorgeous Mayfair Silk Pillowcases are incredibly soft and won’t wrinkle or dry out your skin and hair. Plus, dust mites aren’t interested in silk, so your allergies won’t flare up!


The humble pillow is an essential building block of a good night’s sleep. Finding the right one can be a challenge, as it all depends on how you sleep. For example, a side sleeper will need a deeper option than a front or back sleeper. People who prioritise neck and back care should look for a contour pillow for better alignment, while there are some wonderful hybrid options available in feather and down pillows, which offer both a supportive inner core and a soft outer down layer. We particularly recommend The Pro-Pil-O “Viscomed” Neck Support Pillow from Kauffmann, as a great choice to rest your tired head.

You can visit Linen Obsession’s flagship store at Mirdif City Centre, or shop online where you’ll find the complete collection of linen, bedding, sleeping aids and natural home fragrances, to help send you into your most restful sleep yet!



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