Washmen introduces a game-changing solution for refreshing your child’s favourite toys

Washmen aims to make life easier for parents in Dubai with the launch of its innovative stuffed toy cleaning solution to keep your child’s toys fresh and clean.

The award-winning laundry company is now taking plush toys for a superior clean-up that makes sure they are free of dust, filth and bacteria. Its arrival is a blessing for parents who want to give their children a secure environment to play in while they develop and create precious memories with their fluffy companions. With simple home pick-ups and free delivery, you can request toy cleaning services under the Clean & Press category on the Washmen app.

The Dubai Municipality found that 83% of stuffed toys tested positive for bacteria, so they frequently require a professional deep-clean, which is typically impractical for an at-home setup, making them a significant breeding ground for bacteria.

Children spend the majority of their day surrounded by objects that are highly contaminated with bacteria as they carry their fluffy companions everywhere they go. In response to public demand, Washmen has introduced the new toy cleaning solution, bearing the burden on its knowledgeable shoulders. You can be guaranteed that your child’s favourite toy is completely sterilized and safe for use with Washmen’s expert care by having it thoroughly cleaned.

Beyond simple clean-ups including either hand washing or the use of a washing machine and dryer, Washmen’s professional toy cleaning service goes above and beyond. Toys are cleaned, sanitized, and left smelling and looking as good as new by the tech-care company’s qualified technicians using non-toxic, eco-friendly materials.

The new service from Washmen makes it simple for parents to arrange for the pickup of stuffed toys at their convenience and the delivery of them back to their doorstep in just two to three days. This makes it a stress-free, convenient solution for parents who want to give their kids a safe environment without having them wait too long for their favourite toys to return. With the exception of silk and wool, the laundry professional can immaculately clean every kind of fabric used in stuffed toys.

For more information, visit the website or download the app


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