5 AI Tools for Children to Enhance their Learning

Here, we look at just a small taste of the range of AI tools that offer interactive and personalized learning experiences that support children in various aspects of their academic learning.


Minecraft Education Edition

This popular sandbox game has an educational edition that incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) features. It offers immersive learning experiences across various subjects, allowing students to explore concepts in science, mathematics, history, and coding through interactive game play.


Brainly is an online platform where students can ask academic questions and receive answers from their peers and teachers. It utilizes AI algorithms to match questions with relevant answers and therefore fosters a collaborative learning approach and provides additional support to kids outside the classroom.


Duolingo is a language-learning platform that uses AI to personalize lessons for students, based on their individual learning progress. It offers interactive exercises, quizzes and challenges to help children to learn different languages effectively in a fun and engaging way.

Squirrel AI

Squirrel AI is an adaptive learning platform that uses AI algorithms to tailor its educational content to the students’ individual learning styles and abilities. It provides personalized tutoring in subjects like mathematics, science and language arts, helping children to improve their academic performance.


Quizzes are a great way to help children learn in a fun way. Quillionz is an AI-powered tool that generates quiz questions from text content. Students can input passages or articles, and Quillionz automatically creates comprehension questions, helping them develop critical thinking and reading comprehension skills.


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