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We held the latest in our series of free breakfast events on Friday 31st May, at the Reform Social & Grill restaurant, in The Lakes, Dubai. The event theme this time was Early Child Development.

The events are free to attend because of caring sponsors that support the event and make it possible. Mothers who attend our events quickly realise that the brands that sponsor our events are not ‘just brands’ – they are PEOPLE! Many of the sponsors are mothers themselves and understand the needs, interests and challenges of motherhood.

Thanks to the sponsors, the hallmarks of the Mother Baby & Child free breakfast events are:

  • INFORMATIVE: Always informative, with friendly experts that provide interesting, useful, reassuring advice, tips and support for the needs of mothers and their children
  • SOCIAL: The breakfast events are a fun way to connect with other mothers over a lovely breakfast and make new friends
  • SUPPORTIVE: You can ask your questions to the experts and find out how you can get the support you need
  • EXCITING: Our events are not designed to be exciting, but the excitement always rises when we do our Prize Draw to end the event on a fun note! When your name is drawn, the feeling is real – its happy-making and exciting! At our last event, Babyshop provided a AED 500 voucher to spend in any of their stores; LEGOLAND provided family passes worth over AED 2.4K to lucky winners; and iconic celebration cake maker, Mister Baker ended on a sweet note by giving away a gorgeous eggless celebration cake!

Babyshop – Personal Insights into your ‘Parenting Partner’

Every mother in the UAE knows Babyshop as the one-stop-shop for all parenting needs. All our mothers have seen the Babyshop logo appearing on many of our event articles. But who actually is Babyshop? Here are some insights that lift the lid on them!

Mother Baby & Child’s relationship with Babyshop started with advertising in the magazine to help new mothers to find out which products were popular with other parents, in the areas of maternity wear, baby sleep, baby clothing, car seats, baby accessories, feeding necessities, strollers, and so much more.

We quickly understood that Babyshop has, not only a comprehensive understanding of the practical, technical and safety aspects of every kind of product a baby needs, but this also applied to the needs and interests of pregnant mothers and children from the ages of 0-upwards. We came to rely on good advice from the Babyshop behind the scenes and got to know the genuine passion, compassion, concern, respect and love each of the Babyshop team has for mothers. They would sometimes call the Editor in the evening to talk about how we could work together to better address the practical needs of mothers, to support them in the nurture of their children. 

When companies sponsor our events, they have the status of “Sponsor.” Babyshop is unique and has always seen this as an opportunity to support mothers directly, rather than viewing it as supporting the magazine. This is why they are known as the ‘Parenting Partner’ – rather than a sponsor. This is also the reason that Babyshop has almost 2.7 million social followers – all parents who, like us, trust that Babyshop always strives to serve their best interests.

Dubai British Foundation School

Dubai British School Jumeirah Park Foundation is a wonderful, family-centred, Early Years school that focuses on providing outstanding provision for children aged 2.5 to 5 years. Led by a school Principal who is the mother of a baby herself, Karla Mediah, she absolutely understands the stress that both mother and child go through when the child first goes to school, away from the mother. As a small, purpose-built facility that caters for Early Years, they are able to focus all their decisions, training and the everyday running of the school around children of this age. This means all the staff attend weekly training based around the latest practices in Education for children of this age and beyond. 

Dubai British School Jumeirah Park Foundation provides the perfect middle ground between a nursery and school environment. DBF has highly experienced teachers that are degree-level qualified as expected of a school, combined with the small, play-based environment of a nursery. This fantastic combination sets children up for the perfect step into Year One, where the significant majority of thier children transition to Dubai British School Jumeirah Park.

The main focus of DBF is to ensure all their children have high levels of wellbeing and involvement within the classroom, and track each child as an individual according to their chronological age. This system allows parents and school to support each child in their learning journey through a play-based, child-led environment.


WaterWipes was created by a father after his first child was born. He was looking for a baby wipe that was pure and natural, as he didn’t want to expose his baby’s delicate skin to harsh chemicals or perfumes. This brand is personal! At the event, WaterWipes provided the mothers at the event with free packs of WaterWipes, to care for their baby’s skin in a pure, natural way. Pure, gentle and safe for the most delicate skin, and in the convenience of a baby wipe, WaterWipes are made with 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract.

They are the next best thing to cotton wool and water! WaterWipes are the only baby wipes approved by Allergy UK and the French Association for the Prevention of Allergies as well as to get the National Eczema Association of America’s seal of acceptance. WaterWipes have gone on to be recommended by midwives for nappy rash or skin allergies.

Al Ain Farms

For a company that was established 40 years ago, Al Ain Farms have always been a forward-thinking company. Today they are the largest dairy company in the country, running four farms under their brand – each concerned with providing healthy food products to nourish families in the UAE. These include Dairy Business; Fresh Juice; the Camel Milk production, and their Poultry Business, which produces fresh chicken and eggs. This means that they have been feeding families for two generations with some of the core food staples we take for granted. 

The farms maintain best-in-class animal care and welfare standards for its family of cows; and all milk is naturally produced from happy cows, without any antibiotics or added hormones. Al Ain Farms work to ethical and sustainable practices, and therefore help to look after our children’s environment and future. 

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