Speakers: Early Childhood Development Event

On Friday 31st May, and sponsored by Babyshop, Dubai British Foundation School, WaterWipes and Al Ain Farms, we held the latest in our popular breakfast events, this time with the theme ‘Early Child Development.’ You can read all about it HERE

The speakers for the event were passionate about providing solid information, advice and discussion that supports mothers, as well as aiming to provide some new perspectives in the complex world of parenting. Below, you’ll find more information about the “Early Childhood Development’ event speakers.

Event Speakers

Karla Mediah, Principal of Dubai British Foundation School

Karla Mediah is an Early childhood educator, leader and passionate advocate of play. In her current role as Principal of Early Years school, Dubai British Foundation, she has led her team to put current international early childhood research at the heart of their practice, pedagogy and ethos. 

As a modern educational leader, she inspires her team to not only join, but also help to create the journey for young children. Channelling the school practice here in the UAE through the lens of current international research ensures she provides the highest quality of education for DUF’s young learners. This ethos has also supported the school in receiving an unprecedented ‘Outstanding’ judgement in the school’s first DSIB inspection. 

As the first facilitator of the NPQEY in the UAE, Karla uses her platform to develop and grow other early years practitioners in the region, whilst always using the opportunity to learn from them. Karla’s expertise in the field of early childhood continues to be an inspiration to those who have worked alongside her.

Dr Shahid Ali, Paediatric Specialist, MediClinic

Before moving to Dubai, Dr Shahid Ali  worked at Northampton General Hospital, UK, for over nine years as a consultant paediatrician. He was also an Honorary Senior Lecturer at University of Leicester, responsible for the paediatric education of medical students. In addition to general paediatric duties, he was the Clinical Lead for paediatric haematology and oncology (children’s cancers and blood disorders). Dr Ali is a Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, London, UK and holds full registration with the General Medical Council, UK.

Dr Ali has vast experience in all aspects of general paediatrics including neonatal care, asthma, allergy, infections, headaches, stomach issues, slow growth, vomiting/diarrhoea/constipation, urine infections, fits/faints, lumps/enlarged lymph nodes and vaccinations. 

He has special expertise in the management of various types of anaemias such as nutritional anaemia, sickle cell disease, thalassemia etc. He offers a holistic approach to medicine, ensuring that all the needs of his young patients are met. 

Dr Ali’s full time outpatient base is at Mediclinic Dubai Mall and inpatient base is at Mediclinic City Hospital. He also participates in the weekly on call rota at Mediclinic City Hospital and provides both outpatient and inpatient care to his patients ensuring smooth continuity of care.

Salil Malik, Managing Director, Boo Boo Laand

Salil Malik is a well-respected and successful entrepreneur,who has fast become one of the country’s bright lights of innovation. He is the creator of Boo Boo Laand, a ground-breaking new venue and concept that is set to take its new Dubai Mall home by storm, upon its opening this summer! 

Look out for the formal announcement of the opening of Boo Boo Laand, but by way of a spoiler, we can tell you that the venue is like nothing that we’ve ever seen in the UAE. With its vibrant and exciting colours, shapes, installations and unique facilities, Boo Boo Laand is reminiscent of Willy Wonka’s Factory from acclaimed children’s story, Charlie and the Chocolate factory. 

A place that is visually exciting, where children’s imaginations will be ignited; their spirit of adventure can be set free; and a place where their natural sense of pure fun and creativity can be expressed without limits with a multitude of activities, experiences! Your children will be able to feed the specially created ‘tech animals’ in a the venue’s petting farm; enjoy the competitive thrills of racing cars against other kids in a purpose-built racing car track; express their inner Cristiano Ronaldo on the football pitch; interact with an art robot that will create their portrait; indulge their culinary curiosity in the play kitchen; and so much more!

As mothers, when you take your child to experience the thrills of Boo Boo Laand, you will also be able to relax and have a manicure or kick back in the cafe. 

As well as providing children with the opportunity to…to simply be children and do what they do best, the activities at Boo Boo Laand all provide exceptional opportunities to foster crucial aspects of child development, such as social skills, the spirit of competitiveness and achievement, independence, cognitive skills and many more. 

Ronalyn, Personal Shopping Expert at Babyshop

As a Personal Shopping Expert (PSE), Ronalyn has been a hero to thousands of parents in the UAE because of her astonishing expertise and depth of knowledge of baby products. Based in the Babyshop store in Mall of the Emirates, but also serving as a product expert at many of our Mother Baby & Child events, Ronalyn’s speciality is to meet with parents, talk with them to find out about their specific needs, their living space at home, their budget requirements, and then recommend the products that would best suit their needs. Ronalyn is known for her encyclopaedic knowledge of thousands of products, learned over many years working with Babyshop to support parents. 

Ronalyn further expanded upon he topic of developmental play, by bringing along a personally-selected range of children’s toys from Babyshop’s vast range. Ronalyn gave us a fascinating insight into the cognitive development benefits behind each of the toys. Below are her expert picks for toys that promote early child development:

Read the ‘Early Child Development’ Event Report HERE

Find out more about the event Sponsors HERE

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