Review: Reform Social & Grill, The Lakes, Dubai

We turned to the British gastropub concept, Reform Social & Grill in The Lakes, to find out why the venue is so popular with both Brits…and the rest of the Dubai world!

Reform Social & Grill has long had a reputation of being a favourite amongst the British expat population of Dubai, but a visit to sample the restaurant revealed that it is more true to say it is a ‘family’ favourite, especially among those whose home country cuisines traditionally include pork products.

We went for an early dinner at 6pm on a Friday night. It was packed, so we advise you to book in advance! The restaurant was the choice for lots of families with kids of all ages, with the beautifully noisy hum of friends and families chatting and spending time together while enjoying good food and fun family time. Everyone dresses comfortably and casually in whatever feels right for them, so the Reform Social & Grill really is a happy place…until the menus arrive, at which point the relaxation aspect turns to excitement! 


The menu includes a choice of 12 Starters, ranging from hearty options such as Ribs, Sliders and Scotch Eggs, to lighter options such as Pear & Walnut tart, the Soup of the Day and an elevated twist on prawn cocktail – the Crayfish & Shrimp Cocktail. This one featured buttery avocado and sweet cherry tomatoes, with baby gem lettuce – all creating a light and beautiful balance with the shrimps and Mary Rose sauce, which itself had a zing of citrus to it.

Main Courses

Next up, some classics for main course – Grilled Salmon and Chicken Kiev were the two choices we made from the Reform Favourites part of a main course menu that’s divided into sections to help you make your selection: Sharing Platters (Charcuterie, British BBQ items and Meats; Filled Yorkshires; British Curries; Reform Burgers; Classic Pies; Grills and a Separate Pizza Menu. 

Happily, both the Salmon and the Chicken Kiev were perfectly cooked to remain moist and succulent – and that means packed with flavour. Crispy salmon skin on is always a treat, but paired with flavoured crushed potatoes and a zingy, buttery lemon sauce, up go your contentment levels! Similarly, the Chicken Kiev delivered happiness in the form of a crispy coating beneath which lay the juicy chicken breast and the much anticipated oozy garlic butter centre trickling into the mash potatoes and fresh baby broccoli.


The selection of classic British desserts include…can you guess?! Sticky Toffee Pudding, Chocolate Roly Roly, English Trifle (made the proper way!), Classic Baked Cheesecake, the Daily Crumble and our choice, the Banoffee Pie.

This was a thin pastry case filled with all the good stuff – toffee sauce, sliced fresh banana, oodles of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa on top. The combination of flavours is a classic for good reason, and when wonderfully made by Reform Social & Grill, it becomes clear that their chefs understand how to balance a hearty meal with a light and satisfying finish. And by the time you get to this point, you’ll know what the other tables were talking about!

From a full English breakfast to traditional weekend roast, Reform Social & Grill offers an authentic gastropub experience for the whole family.

For Reservations: Phone 04 454 2638 | Email:

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