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Sharjah Al Maleh & Fishing Festival until 11th Sept

The next two days give us a rare opportunity to experience an important Emirati culinary tradition at the Al Maleh & Fishing’ Festival event

THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND PASSES. Condolences on behalf of mothers everywhere

The Queen is dead – HM The Queen of England sadly passed away at 14.37pm (UK time) today.

Souk Al Marfa: September events line-up 

The Souk Al Marfa waterfront marketplace, lets families experience a jam-packed 11-day program of food, art and culture, automotive and more!

Maison Santé Clinic & Lounge: Healthcare that puts you first! 

Maison Santé is a holistic wellness centre with care services to support physical, mental and emotional health needs – both virtually & in person! 

Perfect family vacations on ‘Family Island’ (Ailafushi)

We look at a tropical island paradise family resort just 4 hours away from the UAE in the Maldives, called Ailafushi – ‘family island!’

Helping anxious children returning to school

Here, we look at ways to support your child if they are anxious about returning to school.

Family Holidays are Good for Kids: Here’s Why!

Family holidays are beneficial for child development, and for parents too – especially after 2 years of pandemic disruption. Here’s how…

A Tribute to mums and kids on Mothers’ Day 2022

Watch the Okaidi Mothers Day video to find out how some of our wonderful mums and their gorgeous kids feel about choosing children’s clothes!

When an older child is wetting the bed…

Nighttime bed-wetting during sleep is more common in young kids than you may think, making new Ninjamas a very welcome all-in-1 solution!

New Ninjamas bedwetting underwear for kids at night

Bedwetting is more common than you think and is perfectly normal – and night time underwear has a positive impact on a child’s confidence.