Too Tired to Cook? Here’s the four best dinner hacks

Too Tired to Cook? Here's the four best dinner hacks

Hard-boil some eggs for quick consumption

Eggs are a fantastic source of many vitamins and minerals and can save you plenty of time in the kitchen. Boil a batch of eggs and then save in the fridge for up to a week for a speedy egg salad sandwiches or a quick snack.

Get your grill on

Grilled vegetables have far more taste than those done quickly in the microwave. To save time on school nights, grill a batch of vegetables at the weekend and portion up into freezer bags to use quickly during the week.

Making frozen pasta sauce – minus the preservatives

Make some tomato-based pasta sauce from scratch and then freeze dinner-size portions in freezer bags. When you want to use it, thaw and warm in the microwave while boiling the pasta and – voilà – a perfectly timed match made in heaven.

Get expert help

The expert chef’s over at BBC Good Food have plenty of speedy family recipes they have tried out in their test kitchen to ensure they are full of to the brim with taste, and super quick to make. To see the full list of free recipes, click here.


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