Pets and Infant Allergies

For years clinicians held the notion that raising a child with pets trigger allergies and can be extremely harmful to it in the long run. However, recent research has negated all these claims and medical professionals have come to the conclusion that a child is less likely to suffer from any sort of allergic reactions if it is raised with two or more pets in the house. Dr. Dennis Ownby, the head of the research, discovered that infants exposed to pets at an early age are able to produce antibodies which helps counter allergies. It also protects the child from developing skin infections and enhances their ability to overcome illnesses.


Moreover, the pet can develop a strong emotional bond with the child and improves attachment. The pets should be vaccinated and well-trained so they don’t harm anyone in the house. At the same time, parents should also try to read their child’s cues and as soon as they see any changes in their health, it is best to keep the pet away from the baby. Parents should also ensure a clean environment to prevent any kind of irregularities in the baby’s health. Pet allergies is also determined by genetics, so parents should check their family history and make decisions accordingly.


Rome Neal. Pet Halt Infant Allergies.

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