Are You a Parent that Overreacts?

Are you a parent that overreacts? Every mother and father can think of a time when they have shouted at their child or become angry at their behaviour and regretted it afterwards.

If you have noticed that you are quick to reach boiling point and you react in an excessive way when  your children misbehave, and have even been told that you’re overreacting, this can be a string sign that you need to consider making some changes.

Are you a parent that overreacts?

Are you a parent that overreacts?

Here are some tips and suggestions to see if you overreact, and what you can do about it.

If You’re a Parent that Overreacts – Just Stop

Make sure your kids are in a safe situation and remove yourself from the situation for a few moments. Take a few minutes and focus on your breathing. If you need to walk away for a moment, do so and tell yourself: “I need to handle this better and more calmly, to get a better result for all of us.”

Be Aware of How You are Feeling

How does your body feel? Tense? Hot? Are you sweating? Is your heart racing? This means you are probably reacting too strongly to the situation. If so, go back to the previous point and ‘just stop.’

If You’re a Parent that Overreacts – Calm Down

Take a few moments to let your emotions calm re-balance. Remember how unfair and destructive it is to have an angry outburst at your children if the real problem is coming from you.

Do talk to family, friends or a counsellor – there is nothing to be ashamed of and it is a brilliantly insightful thing to look at your behaviour and want to make changes.

Help & Support Resources for Parents:


Headed by Dr Marie Thompson, Vivamus, a Dubai Clinic for Psychological and Emotional Support for women, helps mums through the difficult issues that can manifest both during your pregnancy and after your baby is born. You can talk through any issues that worry you, including concerns about why you may be overreacting; depression, anxiety, post natal depression; overwhelm; stress,  marriage problems and more.

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If you’re feeling frustrated, exhausted and helpless around your child’s behaviour and find yourself wishing there was some way to just ‘fix it’, this is a very familiar scenario to Life Coach and Family Counsellor, Sunaina Vohra.

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Dubai Clinic for Psychological and Emotional Support in Pregnancy

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