Massage During Pregnancy

Many expectant mums will find it very difficult to lie on the stomach for any period of time by the fourth month of pregnancy. And, generally, it isn’t a wise idea to lay flat on your back during the latter part as this may make you feel light headed and the weight of the foetus can restrict the circulation and cause a tingling sensation in the legs. With the proper position and a well-trained therapist, a massage is useful for the following reasons:

Massage During Pregnancy

  • Massaging the legs counteract the effects of oedema, varicose veins and tiredness. The legs and the arms may be treated with your body in a semi-supine position or sitting in a comfortable chair.
  • You can be seated, leading forward with cushions for support to have you back massaged.
  • For a variety of ethical reasons, however, massaging the abdomen is not a good idea. The most a therapist can do is apply oil with light effleurage strokes.

Also, be clear and concise with your instructions!

The Essential Guide to Holistic and Complementary Therapy by Helen Beckman and Suzanne Le Quesne, 2005

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