Yoga: Cheaper than Therapy

By: Kaya Peters

Yoga is mostly known for its physical benefits, its ability to tone the body and increase flexibility. Some might also practice yoga and meditation for their calming effect on the mind. However, the beneficial effects of yoga practice delve much further than just the physical.

yoga cheaper than therapy

The choice to practice yoga is the choice to free oneself from a wide variety of modern day illnesses and imbalances. Yoga allows you to change the conditioning of the Mind and Body, and choose a life of new possibilities.

Practicing breathing exercises, doing Asana (yoga postures) and sitting silently in meditation are proven ways which have therapeutic value for those suffering from depression, anxiety, physical injuries, lower back problems and many more modern day health issues. Doing yoga with a private instructor, or in a small group setting, can greatly benefit your day-to-day life, as you are taught the basics of this ancient old science in the proper manner, and will be able to integrate them into your daily routine.

The main reason for you to start yoga might be to lose weight or improve your physical well-being, but once the benefits of yoga are experienced, it becomes almost impossible to miss your practice. This is the reason why most yoga practitioners have been dedicated Yogis/Yoginis for a long period of time, and would never deviate from their practice days.

The traditional yoga philosophy also teaches us how to take care of our bodies through proper nutrition, plenty of contact with nature, and detachment from our worldly needs like excessive material possessions. The Yoga philosophy describes a way of life, which is meaningful and purposeful, filled with truthfulness, devotion and contentment. And in today’s world, where everyone is searching for happiness and peace of mind, the Yogic way of life offers us guidelines to ride the waves of life with more grace, ease and joy.

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