UAE new mums: Eight breastfeeding tips

In our UAE new mums series Mother, Baby & Child gives advice on all areas of life with a new baby. Today we look at the best breastfeeding tips.

UAE breastfeeding

Listen to baby. Instead of applying a ‘two-hour’ feeding schedule, why not leave it on demand? Baby’s needs are a good guide of what you need to do.

Breastfeeding may sound easy, and very natural. Right? Not really, and that’s why we would recommend getting some help from a lactation consultant (here’s a list of breastfeeding experts in the UAE). They can help with everything from low milk production to painful nursing.

Breastfeeding hurts at the beginning. It’s completely normal as your nipples are raw and cracked. Don’t lose hope; the pain will eventually subside.

Especially in the UAE climate, it’s important to stay hydrated so your body can make enough milk. You can even sip from a glass of water while nursing. Aim to drink eight glasses of water a day.

Depending on your age, metabolism and activity level, your calorie needs will likely be 2,200 to 2,400 daily. The good news: breastfeeding mums tend to lose one to four pounds a month even with the added calories.

Don’t try to establish a feeding schedule during the first six weeks. It’s crucial to let your baby nurse whenever they want. The more baby eats, the more milk you’ll produce.

Wherever (and whenever) you nurse, have plenty of pillows (for back support and to help position the baby properly), water, snacks, a good book and the TV remote.

Breast pumps will save your life, especially if you’re planning on going back to work.


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