Finding more energy as a new mother

Most mums will tell you that at the start, they were tired all the time. Let’s look at a few ways to reclaim some energy and stay positive through the tougher days.

Many of life’s norms dramatically change with the arrival of a new baby! Those lovely, long nights of sleep are no more and you’ll now find yourself working almost non-stop throughout the day. All of this means that you will likely be feeling drained!

The easy, short-term fix is to reach for a coffee to power you through the afternoon, but that’s not always the best idea. If you can make a few small changes, you’ll feel that you’re losing less energy during the day and have more for yourself and your little one.


A good place to start is to say no to some things that you would usually feel required to do. While it can be a great idea to socialise and stay involved in your own life, it can all be a bit of a strain on your energy, especially when you don’t have much left in the tank. If you feel worried about that upcoming party, feel free to give it a miss and catch up on some well-deserved rest. With that being said, don’t forget to enjoy yourself!


Research suggests that exercising regularly is one of the best methods of shaking off that worn-out feeling. Going for a brisk walk or working out may be the last thing you feel up for ahead of a day looking after your child but it has been shown that introducing regular exercise into your week will, in fact, provide you with that energy you feel you’re lacking. If you want, invite some friends along and you’ll be able to catch up on all the news while supercharging yourself!


Go for that massage, pamper yourself, hit the snooze button if you can get away with it. It’s more important than ever to take a little part of the day for yourself. This will make sure that you’re replenishing your reserves enough to sustain the amount you have to give every day.


Don’t worry too much about snapping back into pre-pregnancy shape. As we know, there is a lot of pressure on mums to look a certain way soon after giving birth. This pressure is unhelpful at such a precious and challenging time and is also unhealthy for mothers’ mental and emotional wellbeing. That being said, you have a demanding job on your hands raising your little one, so it’s best to eat accordingly. Now, we’re not saying to turn to junk foods and fast food. It’s more about eating lots of nutritious meals that will keep your energy up and support you throughout the day. Get plenty of protein and carbohydrates in to help you keep the show on the road!


A great way to get through the harder weeks is to have something to look forward to. It doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant. It can be going to the cinema, going for brunch with the girls, or catching up with a friend over coffee. You’ll be able to be yourself, talk about how everything with your little one is going, celebrate the good parts, express how difficult the not-so-good parts are and generally just decompress a bit. With social plans like these scheduled out in advance, the tough work of the day to day will seem more manageable. No matter how challenging it gets, you’ll know that you’re going to be having some fun soon!


Mums deserve naps too! If the afternoon slump is hitting that bit harder, try a power nap. Set your alarm to go off in around 15 minutes and close those tired eyes. Short naps like this will restore you a lot more than you might think and are usually better than going to sleep for an hour or so. Plus, they’re much easier to squeeze into that busy schedule!


Everyone needs a babysitter! Whether you hire one or call in a favour from trusted family or friends, definitely take this step. It can be scary the first few times, but once you’re sure your little one is in safe hands, go get some well-earned free time! You can do whatever you please with this time – go out on a date with your partner, catch up with some friends, or even just take yourself out for a treat. Rest assured that all is well at home and you will feel ready to get back to the normal daily routine with a spring in your step!


From day one, a baby is their own unique character, capable of a wide range of emotions. Some days, they’ll be bouncy, bubbly and a joy to look after. Other days might be filled with crying and screaming. It can be impossible to predict. The best approach is to start each day without presumptions, and this will be less of a drain on your energy if things go wrong. If it’s an ‘easy’ day, enjoy it! If it’s a hard one, don’t worry, you’ve got this!


Feeling cooped up is a really difficult part of early motherhood. It can feel like you haven’t left the house to do anything other than get the groceries or run an errand. Try taking yourself and your little one out and into some nature. Green spaces or the local park can be the perfect place to just sit, feel the grass and unplug from everything else for a little while. It’s also a great change of scenery for your curious child!

Motherhood involves a lot of hard work. It’s vital to build in some time to rejuvenate yourself, hang out with your partner and stay social so that you don’t feel totally overwhelmed by the new addition to your family.

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